The 43rd Annual Scientific Meeting of Indonesian Zoom Webinar | Urological Association

As part of our sacred Hippocratic Oath, self-directed lifelong learning is a
crucial component of medical professionalism. In medicine, lifelong learning is
not an option, but a specific requirement as a physician to remain relevant and
maintain a safe and effective patient care. To do such an important task,
physicians have persistent needs to stay updated in the field of disease
management by using evidence-based tools to help day-to-day clinical
In order to provide physicians, specifically urologist, across Indonesia, a
comprehensive update regarding urology practice, Indonesian Urological
Association (IUA) has organized Annual Scientific Meeting of Indonesian Urological
Association (ASMIUA) annually. This year’s event marks the 43rd edition of ASMIUA,
and the 1st edition that will be held fully virtual via online platform. There has been
a dramatic turn of events that has led IUA deciding to proceed the event amid the
COVID-19 pandemic situation in Indonesia.
This event has committed to support continuous education among physicians as well
as other participants that are concerned, especially in a new normal era that has just
started. Hopefully, by going full online, we can help the government to break the
chain of COVID-19 infection in Indonesia, as well as making the event more
accessible and affordable for participants. We hope, this virtual event will create a
valuable, yet unforgettable experience for all the parties involved, as well as a
significant contribution to community.

This virtual event will be attended by 600 – 700 participants consists
of urologist, urology residents, surgeons, general practitioners, and
nurses across Indonesia
National level speakers
International level speakers*, in collaboration with:
* in confirmation
The 43rd Virtual – Annual Scientific Meeting of Indonesian Urological Association
Scientific Webinar
Important topics in urology will be presented virtually by internationally
and nationally well-known urologist in 4 (four) separate days. These
webinars will discuss latest evidence-based practice in urology case
management as well as promote newest technologies and techniques in
both operative and non-operative approach.

Contact Person
Mrs. Ernawati (Secretariat)

Utari Mudhia (Sponsor Liaison)

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